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You Rad Thing

Adelaide fashion and culture blog written by Elli Agars

Print Attack

Elli Agars

Cameo tank | Cameo skirt | Windsor Smith sandals | Jolie & Dean bracelet, Tiffany and Co. heart ring, Lovisa cross ring | Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

Sun, colour and Cameo the Label. Is there a better combination? The essence of summer is clear, and yet I will tell you with the clear conviction of a person who plays an outdoor winter sport, winter is just around the corner. It was, for what seemed like an eternity - but was realistically only about 4 days - freezing, windy, glove wearing weather. And the people of Adelaide had resigned to this blustering cold. But then! I was almost sunburnt on the weekend. In May! A genuine warm spell. So forgive this pattern toting optimist as she explores some of the coolest walls in Adelaide. (Man, I swear bloggers think more about walls that architects! This red and diamond shaped delight is in Bowden - but of course many of you would know that because I know you are all total cool cats).

But on the note of fashion.

Cameo have been totally nailing the prints of late. This Lily Palm one is of particular awesomeness as it will sink in nicely with blacks and greys and all manor of layers should I fancy a skirt and boot combo for winter - which of course I will, namely due to this skirt. I also love the longer length of this high waisted number for demurity, but an asymmetrical slit for badassery. I'm all about the contrast, babe. 

It is also an exciting month as Fashion Global celebrates it's one year anniversary this month (time flies!) and we have very exciting things on their way to you. A very cool photo-shoot, exciting projects and a giveaway for our lovely followers. So head on over and follow our page so you don't miss out!

Stay Rad x x 

Westfield Marion's New Style Lounge

Elli Agars

Me and Jody from Silky Bow

It's amazing how some thing as simple as a new perspective or an objective opinion can change your life and positively affect you from then on. This was the major message I took away from Westfield's superstar team of stylists and Fashion Ambassador Lucy Cornes, on site to welcome us Adelaide bloggers into their new pride and joy - the Westfield Marion Style Lounge.

Beautifully chic and modern, their lounge is welcoming and a safe haven away from the crowd inside the centre, offering up personal styling sessions with either Kara Fantasia, Sam Dorning, Damian Porcaro and Lauren Dilena ranging from a free (!) 15 minute session to lengthier 3 hour ones for the full royal treatment. 

With a room full of local bloggers feasting on an array of treats from Bracegirdles and sipping delightful cocktails from the even more delightful Steve the Bartender, the modus operandi of course was conversation about all things fashion. The resounding opinion? The merit of high street stores, and our love of mixing and matching. Some of us mix the high street with vintage, some of us with high end and others even the cheapies and hand me downs. High street is your best bet when searching for that on trend piece, a perfect classic or a last minute weekend outfit! However, which ever sartorial teabag is in your cup of tea, the important thing (and if you are ever take any tip away from the pros) is where to invest your money and when.

Spurging on statement items can be fun, but when you end up wearing that darn expensive blazer every day of the year and you know you look fab in it every time - you know it was money well spent, especially over, say, a hat with an entire British tea party replicated in assorted materials. (Trust me, this exists). Do yourself a favour and when your wardrobe is lacking direction, flavour, flair or even that little something you can't define - get these professional (and totally lovely) people to help you out.

Call 8298 1188 or visit the Style Lounge Marion (behind Sportsgirl, Level 1 in the MediBank Mall) to book a style session.

Stay Rad x x

Keep it simple

Elli Agars


Cotton on t-shirt | Sportgirl skirt | Wittner shoes | Oroton handbag | Tiphany & Co necklaces | Sunglasses from Gilles Street market 

Warm days will always be the ultimate for simple dressing, and nothing will quite ever be able to compete with the pa de deux that is black and grey together. At once, both complimentary and contrasting, this is a colour scheme that will see you through every season, should you ever want to restrict your wardrobe to only two colours. A say colours, but of course I have forgiven grey of any of its 'non colour' restrictions and black is such a staple that I won't have any arguments on whether it is a colour or not.

I feel as though I am quite literally obsessing over braids at the moment. Free flowing summer locks isn't as acceptable as the temperature drops, yet neither have I resigned to boring winter hairstyles (that's a thing right?). So, sorry friends, for any braided eyeball assaults.

Stay rad x x