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You Rad Thing

Adelaide fashion and culture blog written by Elli Agars

Monochrome Simplicity

Elli Agars

finders keepers white dress street style
details finders keepers sin city dress
windsor smith riddlee boot

Finders Keepers Sin City dress | H&M fedora | Riddlee Boot care of Windsor Smith

When at a loss for what to wear on what might possibly be the last day the sun can muster a feeling of warmth before the inevitable abyss of winter and full body covering up, I turn to black and white. Not a new concept by a mile, but I think I will always feel more comfortable in the basic neutrals than I ever will wearing prints and colours. Sure, the completely blasé way in which bold colours will claim the attention of passer-byes is intoxicating, and is an expert lesson on clothing manifesting itself as confidence. Yet, I fully commend a dress in one of the most basic colours in it's artful way of finding attention while eliciting a more demure self assurance through artful origami folds and pinafore like cutouts.

Attention as an after thought, as a backwards glance.

These boots are also some of the most comfortable of their height and structure to pass by my extensive shoe collection in a long time. Windsor Smith is an institution for most: always on trend and always coveted by a vast range of ages - both guys and girls. While in their new Rundle Mall store I was surprised to see an energetic 60+ man as excited to see the new store as the two teen girls gravitating towards the Lily and Chunks were. The foam like base is super light weight and belies their 9cm height, making them surprisingly easy for day time outings - not that W will like this idea, making me approximately 12cm taller than him, poor kid. But to that I say a big whole hearted #YOLO.

Stay Rad x


A Small Slice of Comfort

Elli Agars

Cotton on t-shirt | Living Doll boyfriend jeans | cherri bellini bag, shoes and belt

Some snaps taken for cherri bellini by the beautiful Nat Rogers in some of my favourite shoes ever. I mean nothing beats a perfect black ankle boot with a comfy pair of jeans. I would be hard pressed to find a more comfortable outfit for day to day wear than this one, and it is one of my most frequent. Swap a shirt, change the shoes - but always in essence the slouchy but comfortable feeling without straying too close to the 'daggy' side of the sartorial tracks. Can't argue logic like that!

Stay rad

Oriental Fascination for Fashion Global

Elli Agars

Casper & Pearl skirt | Finders Keepers sheer shirt | Gorman socks | cherri bellini flatforms

These are some images from Fashion Global's very first monthly editorial. I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. Beautiful colours, stunning setting and a great team. Big props to Shannon Gunn for her photography skills. 

Heres the gist of the idea of the shoot, written by myself for FG:

Tokyo, Japan, is at once both a microcosm and an entire universe of it's own. No where else in the world is the food as distinct, the culture so immersive and the fashion so eye catching; a seductive blend of both the historic and the modern. The focal point for the emergence of new trends. The style? Outlandish. Whimsical. Elegant.

Inspired by this far flung destination to the East, Fashion Global partnered with If You're A Bird boutique, photography by Shannon Gunn and Casper & Pearl to explore one of the most intriguing fashion capitals of the world, all in our back yard of Adelaide. Transcend, be inspired and lose yourself in our freshest monthly editorial inspired by all things Japanese.

Head on over to Fashion Global for the full shoot (seriously, go now) and make sure you check in each month for our editorials.

Stay rad x